No. It is dedicated to bikes up to 30 kg equipped with a front through axle with a diameter of 15 mm and an internal fork opening for the wheel hub of 110 mm or 100 mm. The QR (Quick Release) systems and the Cannondale Lefty model forks are definitely excluded at the moment.

The fixing of the wheel by means of a through pin consists in the fact that in order to remove the wheel it is necessary to loosen and pull out the pin laterally. It differs from the system called QR (Quick Release) which allows to perform this operation simply by loosening the closing lever and pulling the wheel vertically (thanks to the open dropout).

By removing the front wheel and measuring the diameter of the axle (the front through axle can be 15 mm or, in the case of downhill bikes, 20 mm) and the distance between the milled inner faces of the fork stays where the wheel hub is housed (it can be 110 mm or 100 mm). This last measurement, measured in the absence of the wheel, could vary even a few millimeters (+/- 3 mm) depending on the internal tensions of the fork casting, which can lead to a slight opening/closing.

No, you must use the original bicycle pin.

No, absolutely not. The wheel fixing procedure specified by the bicycle manufacturer must be followed.

No, the vehicle must be fitted with correctly installed roof bars.

The Civi 3Axis car bike carrier is supported by the T-rail roof rack bars, the size of the channel must allow the insertion of galvanized steel plugs (included) with standard size of 20×4 mm. The positioning of the roof rack bars on the roof of the vehicle can have a wheelbase between 700 mm and 1200 mm; the connection joint between the bar and the fixing head allows a correct use of Civi 3Axis even in case of roof rack support surfaces not perfectly coplanar, the tolerated angle is +/- 20°.

The connection plates supplied with Civi 3Axis are 20×4 mm in size, this size is the most common among the “T” channel roof bars. However, it is possible to request and receive free of charge the connection plates of larger size: 25×5 mm.

To request the connection plates 25×5 mm it is necessary:
– before placing the order, send a request by email to to receive them free of charge in the package of Civi 3Axis. In the email you must indicate your name/surname and the shipping address with which you will place your order on the website


– after receiving or placing your order, send a request by email to to receive them free of charge only for the cost of shipping. In the email is mandatory to indicate name/surname and the order number placed on

Each Civi 3Axis can only carry one bicycle. It is possible to install more than one Civi 3Axis side by side (and as many bikes) verifying the respect of the maximum load limit tolerated by the roof bars and the vehicle.

No. It is allowed to install Civi 3Axis in both frontside mode (identical to the direction of travel) and backside mode (reverse direction).

Civi Solution recommends the backside mode in order to facilitate the opening of the car tailgate. The direction of exit of the front axle (right or left) may affect the choice, preferring the exit towards the outside of the vehicle.

In order to ensure increased stability and facilitate loading/unloading operations, Civi Solution recommends the positioning of Civi 3Axis near the roof rail fastening supports of the roof rails on the vehicle.

It is important to avoid the overhanging part of the roof rails.

It is necessary to verify compliance with the rules regarding the protrusion of the added loads.

Civi Solution recommends installing the free application for the following reasons:

– Ahò! Bike is App is reserved for Civi Solution customers and is linked to the purchase of Civi 3Axis

– Ahò! Bike is App signals you the areas with limited height to remind you of the bikes on the roof and avoid unwanted collisions during your travels and you can request a copy of the mechanical burglar alarm key in case of loss thanks to the personal codes entered during registration stored in the personal profile of the application (Serial Number and Key Code).

– You can create 2 users for each Civi 3Axis purchased and you can install the application on multiple devices

– New useful and functional features will be integrated

– You will be informed about the release of new products, new accessories, new projects, etc…

The download and use of Ahò! Bike is App is not mandatory and is not related to the operation of Civi 3Axis.

Civi Solution is available to welcome and satisfy the personal requests of each customer.
In order to submit the application it is necessary to write an email with the details of the need to the address

All orders for which payment confirmation of one business day has been received, are processed within the following day. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday. Shipments and deliveries will be handled throughout the Italian national territory, through the express courier BARTOLINI in the approximate time from two to five working days.

For orders over € 199.00, Sve.zia S.r.l. will pay the transport costs and deliver the Civi Solution products free of charge.
For orders below € 199.00, the transport costs for the delivery of the Civi Solution products amount to € 6.90.

For all orders, the transport costs for the delivery of the Civi Solution products amount to € 15.90.

Other EU countries
The transport costs are at the expense of the customer. Please contact us at , so that we can inform you about the transport costs.

Customers have the right to withdraw from the Sale and Purchase Agreements within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Products. The Right of Withdrawal must be exercised by the Customers by sending a written communication via email to, inserting the following information:

  • The manifestation of willingness to make use of the right of withdrawal;
  • The indication of the Order that gave rise to the Contract of Sale from which they intend to withdraw
  • The detailed reasons for the return request
  • For details see the document of the General Conditions of Sale of the site available at the bottom of the site.

The purchase can be paid using the debit or credit cards listed below:


Furthermore, Sve.zia srl declares that it does not have access to or record the complete data relating to the payment method used by the Customer. Only the agency processing the payment has access to this complete data for payment management purposes.

The amount of the order will be charged to the credit card after confirmation.

The data received by Sve.zia S.r.l. will be used exclusively for the processing of the sale of the products and for the refund modalities in case the customer exercises the right of withdrawal.

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